I will always find you. - Film Class Project: Storyboarding {Don't Look Left}
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babydykecate [userpic]
Film Class Project: Storyboarding {Don't Look Left}

I'm taking a Film class at Uni, and I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the Storyboard I made for a project. In the project we had to create 12 frames of a Storyboard for an imaginary film, in groups of 5. Here was ours:

{Title} Don't Look Left
{Genre} Public Service Announcement / Propaganda (Satire)
{Setting} Anywhere USA, mid-fifties
{Summary} Tom was a normal, hardworking, sucessful bachelor until he caught the Gay.
{Artwork} by Caitlin / babydykecate
{Images} not owned by me, no profit made.

{Frame 1}

{Frame 2}

This is Tom

{Frame 3}

Tom is a handsome, successful bachelor who works at the most prestigious law firm in town.

{Frame 4}

Tom's secretary, Betty, is in love with Tom, but he works too hard to notice.

{Frame 5}

One day, Tom was having a perfectly normal day. He was in the men's room, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

{Frame 6}

But on this seemingly ordinary day, something terrible happened. Tom looked left.

{Frame 7}

It wasn't long before Tom found himself in the wrong bar.

{Frame 8}

Wolfram & Hart soon found themselves with a male secretary.

{Frame 9}

Tom began his descent into the depths of depravity, using drugs...

{Frame 10}

And then leaving the Church.

{Frame 11}

There was nothing that could save Tom from his abhorrent lifestyle. Betty was the only one there to morn Tom at his funeral.

{Frame 12}

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LOL this is AWESOME, you title is way smart.

OMG frame one is like blowing my mind lol, i keep looking at that one.
Your frame 5 and 8 caption is hilarious it made me lol.

And you know how much i love how you used Wolfram and Hart as the law firm.