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Birthdate:Jul 16
Location:Wellington, New Zealand

♠ the girl

Caitlin/Cate/babydykecate. 21.
Kiwi & American. Born in Missouri, currently living in Wellington, NZ, and attending Victoria University. Theatre & Film student. Aspiring actress & director. Lesbian. Single. Hopeless romantic. Loves to travel. Has visited China, England, France, New York & Detroit. Dreams of traveling to India, Barcelona & Provence. Loves architecture, international cuisine, fashion, dancing & watching movies in a cinema.     {Team Dollhouse} at Whedonland // Doll name ♙ Juliett.

♠ she writes

Fanfiction lover. Femslash Writer. She ships ♥ {30 Rock} Liz/Gretchen {Angel} Fred/Willow Fred/Wesley Angel/Cordelia {Anne of Green Gables} Anne/Diana {Baby Mama} Angie/Kate {Bad Girls} Helen/Nikki {Band of Gold} Tracy/Colette {Better Off Ted} Linda/Veronica {Big Love} Margene/Barb Margene/Ana Sarah/Heather {Bones} Angela/Brennan Cam/Brennan {Buffy the Vampire Slayer} Buffy/Faith Willow/Tara Buffy/Willow {Chocolat} Vianne/Josephine {Conviction} Alex/Christina {Crossing Jordan} Jordan/Lu {CSI} Sara/Catherine {CSI:NY} Lindsay/Stella {Devil Wears Prada} Miranda/Andy Andy/Emily {Dollhouse} Sierra/Echo Claire/Echo Claire/Adelle Echo/Adelle Claire/Topher {Ellen} Ellen/Laurie Ellen/Paige {ER} Abby/Kerry Abby/Neela Kerry/Kim Abby/Wendall Kerry/Wendall {Firefly/Serenity} River/Kaylee Kaylee/Inara River/Inara {Fried Green Tomatoes} Idgie/Ruth {Gia} Gia/Linda {Grey's Anatomy} Meredith/Addison Meredith/Cristina {House MD} Thirteen/Cameron Amber/Thirteen Cameron/Cuddy Thirteen/Cuddy Amber/Cuddy House/Cameron House/Wilson {Imagine Me & You} Rachel/Luce {Law & Order: SVU} Olivia/Casey Olivia/Alex {The L Word} Alice/Dana Shane/Molly Bette/Jodi Bette/Tina Shane/Jenny Alice/Helena {Mean Girls} Ms. Norbury/Cady {The Mentalist} Lisbon/van Pelt {Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day} Miss Pettigrew/Delysia {Saving Grace} Grace/Rhetta {St. Trinian's} Miss Dickinson/Kelly Kelly/Annabelle {Sunshine Cleaning} Norah/Lynn {Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles} Sarah/Cameron {The OC} Marissa/Alex {Queer as Folk} Melanie/Lindsay {The Unbearable Lightness of Being} Tereza/Sabina {Wire in the Blood} Alex/Nikki (/Bad Girls)

♠ she watches

Shows without ships. {America's Next Top Model} {The Black Donnellys} {The Big Gay Sketch Show} {Californication} {The Closer} {Cupid (Original)} {How I Met Your Mother} {Life} {Mad About You} {Newsradio} {Out of Practice} {Prison Break} {Project Runway} {Providence} {Secret Diary of a Call Girl} {Tru Calling}

♠ she listens to

♬ Adele. Allison Crowe. Anna Nalick. Bernadette Peters. Bette Midler. Bif Naked. Brandi Carlile. Damien Rice. Duffy. Elton John. Emilie Autumn. Feist. Fiona Apple. Frou Frou. Garbage. Gomez. Goo Goo Dolls. Imogen Heap. Ingrid Michaelson. Iron & Wine. Jack's Mannequin. James Blunt. Jem. Joss Stone. Kate Nash. Kill Hannah. The Killers. The Kills. KT Tunstall. Kylie Minogue. Ladytron. Le Tigre. Lily Allen. Madonna. Martha Wainwright. Martina Topley-Bird. Massive Attack. Matisyahu. Melissa Etheridge. Minuit. Missy Higgins. Moby. The Murmurs. Nelly Furtado. Nickel. Norah Jones. Patti Smith. Philip Glass. Pink. The Police. Rachael Yamagata. Regina Spektor. Rihanna. Rufus Wainwright. Sara Bareilles. Sarah McLachlan. Shakira. Shiny Toy Guns. Shirely Manson. Sia. Snow Patrol. Stars. Stereoliza. Sting. Three Days Grace. Tina Turner. Tori Amos. Tracy Chapman. Uh Huh Her. Within Temptation.

♠ challenges

Whiteboard Awards
♔ 1st - Outstanding Characterization of a New Team Member
Fic- Come Away with Me
♔ 1st - Outstanding Other Slash Pairing
Fic- Come Away with Me

♟ Participant [info]cross_my_heart Internation Day of Femslash Ficathon




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